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Shimmer - Tudor Anghelina - Piano Music Album - Free Download

The free Shimmer Ablum, composed by Tudor Anghelina. The Shimmer album is offered for free download in the link above. Classical music and classical cds are not usually offered free for download online, howerver the Shimmer album can be downloaded for free, including the album art. The classical music album is also offered as a classical music online playlist, meaning that the classical piano album can be listened to online. Each song has it's own play button, a progress indicator, and it's own countdown timer indicating the remaining lenght, once the song starts playing. The relaxing classical music piano album also contains modern elements. So don't miss this offer download your free copy of the classical piano music Shimmer album for free.

The Shimmer album Blogger Template is also offered as a free download on the artists blog. If you would like to present your album online in a similar matter you can get the Shimmer - Tudor Anghelina Blogger template here.

HTML5 Audio - Free Blogger Album Template

Download the free Blogger template to present your Album to your fans. Your tracks can be played online and you can also add a download link to your entire album or the iTunes link.

Minimal Design

The Minimal dark design Template is easy to implement and customize.  The background can de easily changed to mack the cover image of your album. Song progress is tracked by turning the listed track duration into a countdown timer and also by a white progress bar displayed under each track while it is being played.

Cross Screen Compatibility

By using the twitter bootstrap grid system the template adapts to the browser size, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Integrated HTML5 Audio Player

Each track can be played without leaving the website. The source of the individual tracks can be changed to 90 second previews. During playback track position is displayed through a white progress bar displayed under the active title. The song duration information displayed for each song is use as a countdown timer for the active tracks.

Tutorial - Applying the Blogger Album Template

1. Download the Blogger Album Template using the download button above;
2. Extract the xml template file and the HTML post file from the archive;
3. Login to your Blogger Dashboard;
4. Click Template --> Backup / Restore;
5. Click Browse and select the xml file you have extracted in step 1;
6. Click Upload. You have now applied the Blogger Album Template. We will apply the rest of the design through the ;
7. Click Posts and make sure you have no published posts;
8. Now click New Post;
9. Open the HTML file you have downloaded in step 2 and copy the entire code;
10. In your new post make sure HTML is selected, not Compose.
11. Paste the code and click Publish.

You have now successfully applied the Blogger Album Template to your blog.
You can now start making the changes to the Template file and the Blog Post in order to make the design yours. You will want to change the source of the first image file in the blog post. This image is used as a background image for the blog.

You can also change the audio files and all information associated with them.

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© Copyright by Tudor Anghelina

  • Ballad of the Past 3:26
  • Broken Waltz 3:40
  • If You'll Forget 3:52
  • The Music Box 3:42
  • Smile 3:34
  • Dark Night Tango 4:04
  • Shimmer 3:52
  • Midnight Dance 4:00
  • Joy Ride 4:07
  • Lullaby 5:12
  • Sweet Dreams 4:02
  • Colored Raindrops 3:30
  • Last Snow 4:02
  • Memories 4:03
  • Morning Light 4:24
  • Sunrise 3:34
  • Distant Echoes 5:06
Shimmer - Tudor Anghelina - Download the piano album for free